The PA Mushroom Medley CSA
The Pennsylvania Mushroom Medley CSA is a variety pack of cultivated mushrooms featuring 1lb of common mushrooms, plus a 1/2lb of a less common variety of mushrooms, plus a 1/4lb to 1/2lb of an exotic variety of mushrooms.  With each Mushroom Medley pack we select a different combination of mushrooms to provide you the opportunity to explore new mushrooms, or just the renewed opportunity to enjoy delicious mushrooms and experiment with new recipes.  The 1.5lb to 2lb Mushroom Medley CSA is available with your produce CSA every other week. 
Every week your pack will include:
One pound (1lb) of:
Crimini Mushrooms
White Button Mushrooms
Portabella Mushrooms
PLUS one half pound (0.5lb) of:
Shiitake Mushrooms
Oyster Mushrooms
PLUS 1/4lb (0.25lb) to 1/2lb (0.5lb) of:
Royal Trumpet
Beech Mushroom
Pom Pom
Miatake Mushroom
CSA Program Details

Check with your CSA farm administrator.  We do offer the "PA Mushroom Medley" CSA year round!  

Depending upon your farm's CSA schedule, you receive your Mushroom package with every other or each of your boxes.

Each Box Includes:  1.5lbs to 2lbs of a variety of cultivated Mushrooms (refer above for possible varieties)

Cost: $18.95 per package 
Checks are made payable to your CSA farm referencing "PA Mushroom CSA" in the check memo.  If you are not a member of Blackberry Meadows Farm, Kretschmann Organic Farm, or Penn's Corner Farm Alliance click here.

All CSA shares will soon be available in our Market! 
Coming in December 2011 to 5308 Butler Street in Lawrenceville!

Individual sales (of the CSA Box and 1lb bags!!!) are also available through:

Kretschmann Organic Farm - Winter CSA

Penn's Corner Farm Stand

For Pricing and to place your order Please Contact your CSA farm directly.  Thank you!

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